Another animal we breed and raise on our farm are Scottish Highland cattle.  We chose Highland cattle because of the steep pastures and woodlands of our farm and the hardy nature of these beautiful animals.  Our herd eats brush and weeds with as much vigor as they attack grass. We have about 100 acres of pasture that has not been grazed for years and our herd is well on its way to cleaning up the former pastured areas. They eat ten year old raspberry and blackberry bushes right to the ground and clean up 45 degree slopes that we thought only our goats could traverse.



(Cattle on the middle ridge of our farm, at the lower elevation gently sloped pasture.)


Our  herd sire : "Ridge Top Haydn's Choice"

Ready to show

Summer coat

Being the "Herd Sire"


We went the extra mile in finding the best herd sire because he will determine 50% of the genetics of EVERY bull and heifer we produce!  Haydn is "Scottish" or "traditional" and fits the Scottish standard. He varies from the "American" Scottish Highlands being shown and bred for meat. He has a correct head and horns and well as conformation.

Haydn is the offspring of 2 "Embryo Transplants" of direct Scottish heritage. Haydn's sire and dam were bred from the finest Scottish Highland cattle .

Haydn is calm and gentle, eats from my hand.  He is gentle and protective with the girls.

The strength of Haydn's pedigree speaks for itself

      Artair of Argaty
    Bart of Benmore (7177)  
      Bhanna Prionnsa 172nd of Benmore
  Lasgaire of Ridge Top (ET)    
      Tearloch Og of Achnacloich
    Malda 49th of Achnacloich  
      Malda 31 of Achnacloich
Ridge Top Haydns Choice      
      Philip 1st of Craycombe
    Scott of Craycombe  
      Jehudith 1st of Craycombe
  Ridge Top White Star (ET)    
      Brain of Dirtane
    Ridge Top Starlight  
      Whos Hill Dusty


My favorite bull calf we bred from Haydn x Simone   "Ranger"at 12 months


Haydn bred to:  WF Mac's Annabel - 2003 NEHCA and AHCA International Grand Champion Female

Produced:   GH Ms Belle
Born 4/2/07



                                       Haydn                 Crossed with            WF Mac's Darcy, 2005 National Champion Female,

                                                                                                   Dam of the 2007 ROE Show Bull of the Year GH Magnum Force



                                                              GH Ms. Angela,   Born: 4/10/08

Investing in the finest herd sire we could purchase, should  in time, improve the genetics of our entire herd.

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